Why even 80% traders lose?

Why even 80% traders lose? My thoughts about it

Greg Pawlak

1 min read

person holding lighted dollar bills
person holding lighted dollar bills

The desire to get rich quickly - I believe that this is the biggest problem of beginner traders, which is why the following rules are applied superficially or not at all

  1. market knowledge - trading on the market is the same profession as any other, and maybe even more difficult, you need to learn the basics of operation.

  2. capital level – beginner traders often start with capital of several hundred dollars and want to turn it into millions

  3. knowledge of money management - risking too much capital on each transaction results in losing it all in a short time

  4. trading strategies – creating a profitable strategy requires time and knowledge that new traders often lack

  5. emotional approach to trading - having a profitable strategy, you still have to follow the rules

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