Open plus Pips

Open plus Pips is an expert advisor for education and research use
How it work:

Expert Advisor will open pending orders at the current open candle price plus pips in value. No new order will not be placed until the current transaction is closed.

You can use this EA on different time frames and instruments.

Available version for MT4 and MT5

Custom Comment - comment

Minimum distance- it is the minimum from the candle open price, you need to use any positive value in pips above 0

Magic number- it is a number which terminal recognizes EA

One Cancel Other - you can decide to cancel the opposite pending order if one of them is executed.

Take profit - define the distance to take profit Stop loss - define the distance to stop loss

mmLots - define transaction lot size

Pending Order Valid- A pending order can be valid for a certain time. 0 means unlimited, 1 pending order is valid one bar

Inputs describe
inputs desc
inputs desc
Your terminal must be turned on 24/5 to execute EA correctly so you can use the VPS server which I am using in trading
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