The program Leave Emotions Behind

From emotional to confidence trading

Before you start

The program is for traders who have been on the market for some time struggle with emotions in trading, want to improve trading and learning.

you are looking for a way to return hundreds of percent of your initial capital of $100 without any effort because you saw an advertisement on the Internet, you should read why even an 80% loss on the forex market.

About strategies


I created this program because I know how difficult trading is, and how emotions can damage your results even if you have a solid strategy. In my opinion, there is one solution to handle it, you have to face it. It takes time, that is why the program is free

The principles are simple, you will follow my strategies on your demo account, but you can't close or modify transactions.

There is no guarantee that you will achieve the program's goal, minimize trading emotions and improve trade organization, the final result depends on many factors.


How to join

For who is this program?

all strategies were built under the trading conditions of the ECN broker in the UTC +2 time zone with DST

money management is $100 in each transaction

all open positions and pending orders are closed on Friday at 10 p.m. UTC +2 with DST

Our communication will be provided in the discord server

I use external software to transmit transaction signals Forex Copier Remote 2. More information on the developer's website

To join the program, you must have an active demo account connected to an MT4 or MT5 trading terminal.

A free demo is available here

To ensure continuous receive of transactions, the terminal must be connected to the Internet 24/5

You can use a VPS server or other device with backup power and internet

Performance information for each strategy are available here


person using smartphone and MacBook
person using smartphone and MacBook

How to join

Join my discord server via this invitation

Send me a request to join the program in a private message

You will get an agreement to consent

After my acceptance, you will get the necessary access information.